GLT Characteristic #2

— Force Multiplier Effect —

Force Multipliers are tools that help you Amplify your effort to produce more output.

synergy is when “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

As we discussed in great detail in one of our most recent Chief Executive Magazine articles, leadership teams operate as systems that have characteristics that transcend those of any individual members. Great leadership teams recognize that their true value lies in the unique and complementary talents that individuals bring to the team and their ability to harness these talents in the interest of a common purpose. They serve as force multipliers (tools to amplify effort so that more is produced) for their organizations and accept that they set the tone for how their organizations operate and behave.

As evidenced in Aon’s Engaged Leader research, employees are watching their leadership teams and their engagement is in part derived from ‘the way a senior leader connects with other senior leaders and how effective and accountable they are as a unit.’ Great leadership teams have a cascading effect throughout an organization by reinforcing the behaviors and approaches that are required to realize the organization’s objectives. 

Leadership teams that embody the force multiplier concept have a few common characteristics – complimentary skills, common purpose and shared behaviors. Great leadership teams aren’t simply comprised of individuals with diverse and complimentary talent and experience. Rather, they fully appreciate the power of this diversity and work hard to leverage it. When leadership teams operate according to a common purpose, they are better able to focus their efforts and gain clarity in how they put their complimentary skills and talents to work. Force multiplier leadership teams function by a set of common behaviors – egos are left at the door, listening and feedback are at a premium, curiosity is foundational, and empathy and candor are practice in equal parts.

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