Brown & Brown of Virgina

Bill Strachan, President of B&B of VA, has built an outstanding leadership team. When asked about how they achieved dramatic results in the midst of a very turbulent time here's what they had to say...

Four members of the B&B of VA Leadership Team
  • "We are completely aligned on our goals and strategy."

  • "We are confident in our teammates competence."

  • "We have each others' backs."

  • "We aren't afraid to challenge each other."

  • "We are committed to always getting better."

In a recent discussion with Bill he summed it up like this - "we don't let our egos get in the way, we maintain focus and hold each other accountable, and we know that we always need to get better."

Brown & Brown of VA is a full-scale insurance brokerage firm specializing in a wide range of risk management and employee benefit solutions. With over 200 offices and 8,800 teammates nationally, B&B is one of the top 10 brokerage firms in the country. Our business model operates on a decentralized platform that allows us to engage and make decisions at the local level while providing the strength, expertise and innovation of a national brokerage firm.

Jack McGuinness