Great Leaders Build Great Teams

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Characteristics of Great Teams


Great leadership teams tap into their potential as a collective unit so they can serve as force multipliers for their organizations. They capitalize on the strengths of individual members, learn from each others’ successes and failures, and fill inevitable gaps — all with a focus on creating value and realizing the organization’s strategic intent.


RI Services


Every day leadership team members work diligently to strengthen their organizations and are excited about the potential for growth and yet many are frustrated because they seem to be working at cross-purposes and are not collectively taking advantage of the unique capabilities they possess as a unified team. We formed RI to address this important challenge. We work with executives and leadership teams to unlock the power they possess as a cohesive team so they can work effectively to shape and stay in sync on a common strategic direction. Through this collaboration we are seeing leadership teams guide their organizations to new heights.


Leadership Team Development

RI deploys a developmental approach to building great leadership teams. Team building exercises, training and consulting expertise can all be useful but teams need to commit to the hard developmental work necessary to tap into their full potential as a cohesive unit.
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Executive Coaching

Our experience working with leadership teams across multiple industries has enhanced our ability to coach executives to develop the leadership skills required to be successful in today’s complex environment.
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Keynote Speaking

We deliver customized keynote talks at a host of venues including organization wide communication events, annual sales meetings, and executive / business unit team meetings.
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What Our Clients Say


Jack and Relationship Impact have been one of the best investments I’ve made in over 10 years since I founded Censeo. Jack has helped us build a much better team dynamic and his coaching both to me personally as well as to our team is truly helping us become more productive and up our game as a team. Thanks Jack!!!

Raj Sharma, CEO
Censeo Consulting


Relationship Impact has made an immediate difference in our business.  We’ve become more conscious of our interactions and it has already made us more successful.  We’re also providing better communication on joint company goals, which will yield significant results as we move forward. Many thanks to Jack and his team.

Bob Eisminger, CEO
Knight Point Systems


RI is all about helping us develop our leaders but they understand that we are running a business and that all of our efforts have to contribute to the bottom line. They challenge, encourage and support us to be the best we can be. What a pleasure to work with!

Chuck Sheehan, CEO
Metropolitan District Commission



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