What our clients and partners say...

We are passionate about helping Great Leaders Build Great teams and are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients and partners.

Jack and Relationship Impact have really had an Impact on our clients success. Jack is effective because he builds trusted relationships and addresses the underlying causes that are holding leadership teams and organizations back from realizing their potential.

Mark Stevenson, CEO
Smart HR, Inc.

Jack and Relationship Impact have been one of the best investments I’ve made in over 10 years since I founded Censeo. Jack has helped us build a much better team dynamic and his coaching both to me personally as well as to our team is truly helping us become more productive and up our game as a team. Thanks Jack!!!

Raj Sharma, CEO
Censeo Consulting

I have leveraged RI and Jack's expertise at several organizations. His approach to leadership and development has positively impacted industries I supported from construction to advanced medical research environments. Jack has always been a trusted partner and delivers quality training and development programs.

Jack Jackson, VP of Human Resources
Medical Science & Computing

RI is all about helping us develop our leaders but they understand that we are running a business and that all of our efforts have to contribute to the bottom line. They challenge, encourage and support us to be the best we can be. What a pleasure to work with!

Chuck Sheehan, CEO (retired)
Metropolitan District Commission

In our quest to build a world class organization, we engaged Relationship Impact to help us strengthen our leadership and management approach.  Our collaboration with RI has resulted in greater strategic focus, sharpened executive team alignment and collaboration, and improved engagement and communication with our managers and employees.  Through our collaboration with RI we are poised to take PVBS to the next level!

Bernard Mustafa, CEO
Pleasant Valley Business Solutions

Relationship Impact has made an immediate difference in our business.  We’ve become more conscious of our interactions and it has already made us more successful.  We’re also providing better communication on joint company goals, which will yield significant results as we move forward. Many thanks to Jack and his team.

Bob Eisminger, CEO
Knight Point Systems

Everyone on our team got incredible value from the time we spent with Jack, and personally I have grown as a better "servant leader", listener, and more perceptive leader.  One of Jack's biggest strengths is his very tactful, but open communication in areas that require behavioral change.  I had some growth opportunities that needed to be addressed in the areas of communication and conflict resolution and I feel that I have improved dramatically in these areas.  I feel that Jack's leadership and approach will always be a building block for my future and our team's future.  I highly recommend Jack for executive coaching and team effectiveness support.

Jim Lusk, Managing Partner (retired)
Central California

RI worked with Alliance Exposition on challenging a Leadership Team Development engagement. Jack McGuinness was able to help us pinpoint our issues very quickly and strategize ways to manage and overcome them. It was a relief to have a true partner who was unwavering is his honesty and assistance in digging through the details and uncovering issues. 

Shannon McDaniel, COO