The Guide to Maximizing the Effectiveness
of Your Executive Team

Long-term Leadership Team Effectiveness


Great leadership teams don’t just happen; their leaders devote time, energy and focus on building and nurturing their team’s capacity to serve as a model for the organization. This guide is designed to help leadership teams build the structural and relational fiber necessary to maximize their long term effectiveness.

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Prepare for Great Executive Team Effectiveness


Senior Team Leaders are responsible for establishing the conditions that enable their teams to be as effective as possible including team purpose and goals, composition and team member roles and inter-dependencies, and operating principles. 

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Asses You Executive Leadership Team


Great leadership teams are systems that have characteristics that transcend those of any individual team member. To get a sense for how well the system is operating it is important to understand the key dimensions of team effectiveness.

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Are you getting the best out of your executive team?

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Executive Team Commitment


Without commitment and accountability leadership teams simply cannot thrive. Teams must commit to a way of operating that makes sense for their particular environment and individual team members must commit to adapting their styles and behaviors to optimize the effectiveness of their teams.

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Feedback Effectiveness

Great Leadership Teams are Feedback Rich

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Measure the Success of Your Executive Team


Much like measuring the performance of anything meaningful, measuring team effectiveness includes short and long term perspectives. The short term view typically focuses on areas that help predict the likelihood that long term results will be achieved or if adjustments are required. The long term view typically focuses on achieving tangible, measurable results – growth, productivity, etc.

Measuring Leadership Team Effectiveness

Alignment is the Cornerstone of Great Leadership Teams

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