Jack McGuinness Guest on Real Marketing Real Fast Podcast

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Podcast Highlights

  • Step back and ask, “What do we want this team to look like? How do we want it to operate?”

  • If you just take some time for reflection in terms of getting to know each other it really can be the key that unlocks some potential that you didn't even know you had.

  • Structural dynamics that are really critical for building an effective leadership team. And the second bucket piggybacks on the conversation we just had, is about similarities and differences at the individual level.

  • Without addressing relational dynamics, the ability to trust and confront each other well and hold each other accountable, then you're sort of not attacking the right problem. The ability to listen and hear other people's perspectives, that's really, from our perspective, a pretty important skill in building and growing an organization.

  • There's no perfect situation. In those situations where the leader is the problem, it's really hard. To be very frank, it's really hard to build a really great leadership team when the leader is the problem.