Creating the Conditions for Great Leadership Teams

Click on image above for webinar slides.

Click on image above for webinar slides.

Webinar summary...

  • Leader Commitment - Leader demonstrates commitment to building a great team; Reinforces that he/she is part of the team and not an observer; and ensures that adequate time and commitment is devoted to building a great team.


  • Team Structure - Define the distinct purpose of the leadership team; discuss, debate and clarify the enterprise roles that support the team purpose; and establish a management rhythm that facilitates effective execution.


  • Systems View - View the leadership team as a system that has characteristics that go beyond those of any individual members; A leadership team is a dynamic body with its own culture, formal and informal norms, strengths and weaknesses, and temperament; A systems view helps to balance the teams structural and relational elements (i) Structural elements include roles, metrics, management rhythm and (i) Relational elements include trust, conflict management, and accountability.